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Bounce House Rentals Sugar Land

Bounce House Rentals Sugar Land

Inflatable bounce houses are a party rental favorite in Pearland. We have plenty of affordable options to choose from with over 60 themes.
Water Slide Rentals Sugar Land

Water Slide Rentals Sugar Land

Inflatable water slides bring real fun to the summer months in Pearland. We have waterslides ranging from 13 - 22 ft tall to accommodate all ages.
Party Rentals Sugar Land

Party Rentals of Sugar Land

Looking for an inflatable bouncer upgrade? We have combo bouncers that bring in extra features to the basic bounce house. Bounce and Slide with these fun inflatables.

If you are looking for a reliable event rental company in Sugar Land, Texas, then look no further, Party Rentals of Houston is the best option for you. In making the most of your upcoming adventure, we will help you manage all the rental needs of your event by providing you with exceptional rental facilities.

Party Rentals of Houston is a private company that was established in 2017. We are well known for offering the best rental services in Sugar Land. In Party Rentals of Houston, we provide a wide range of clean rentals to grace your event and make it a memorable one. Also, our specialized team is trustworthy and will perfectly organize your event. Therefore, next time you are planning a party or an event be it a birthday party, wedding, school carnival, business meet-up, church festival, family gathering, or a picnic with kids, Party Rentals of Houston is the right company to make your special day more special and memorable.

We have over 30 event themes from which our clients can choose an appropriate one for their event. However, if you have difficulty selecting the right theme for your event, our expert staff will guide you through the process. We provide timely deliveries, which are guaranteed by our team of knowledgeable personnel that put everything in place before or during the event. We are also very professional in all our dealings which is very obvious from the services we provide, and as far as our client's safety is concerned, we don't take any risk whatsoever. It might interest you to know that all our equipments are thoroughly cleaned after each usage.

Now that you have an overview of our services, and you want your upcoming event to be exceptional, then you are welcome to explore our wide range of party and event rentals. We assure that you won't be disappointed.

Therefore, choose the appropriate theme for your occasion and make a reservation NOW!

Inflatables Party Rentals Sugar Land, TX

We offer the best inflatables events, and our wide varieties will make your event memorable and enjoyable. The inflatables include a bounce house, slip and slides, obstacle courses and more. Therefore, either you are a kid or an adult, you can't help but jump and roll on our fun-filled inflatables

At Bounce House, there is a two-fold benefit in the form of security, and engaging the party in the fun adventure. Also, we clean up the whole equipment after each usage and our knowledgeable staff makes sure the event is a rocking one. Lastly, your guests are warmly treated as though they are our guests.

Therefore, if you have an upcoming event, kindly reach out to us at and check our vast list of inflatables. We assure that your event will be joyful and memorable.

Bounce House Rentals Sugar Land, TX

Our collection of Bounce House distinguishes us from the others and this makes things easy for customers. We offer over 30 themes from which you can choose from, to make your party more exciting. All you need to do is select the best bouncer that is appealing and make the most out of it. Our service means plenty of fun hours for kids regardless of what you call it be it, bouncer, bounce house, jumping castle, bouncing castle, bouncy castle spacewalk, jumped n bounce, or moonwalk. If you are planning your child's birthday party or a school fair, we offer an interactive, fun-filled party to your guests. It is also important to note that we have bouncing equipment for all kinds of events, ranging from small birthday party bouncers to large corporate event bounce houses. In addition, we provide the most enjoyable and latest bounce houses, do well to check our collections of over 30 themes designed specially for different events. If your kid loves and craves a cartoon character, the theme will be customized by our expert staff according to your requirements.

Combo Bounce House Rentals

Looking for add-ons to your bounce houses? Then you should consider bounce house rentals. Aside from jumping, Kids are entertained with different elements of fun, and our professional setups encourage guests to participate more, which makes us the best in Sugar Land. The bouncers are of different types with various features which include 7n1, 5n1, and 4n1. Regardless of the type of party, our collection of combo bouncers are just perfect for your event. Also, your children will get the most entertaining and fun-filled experience of their life which will keep them buzzing. They will get to climb ladders, walls, shoot hoops, bounce and jump freely without getting injured. Our collection of inflatables has several features, which is exactly what you need, and both bounce and slide combo are customized in line with the weather. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today and have unlimited fun you will never forget!

Wet/Dry Combo Bounce Houses

If you are in need of a water slide for your bounce house or for a summer party, then we will give you the best wet/dry options. Obviously, children enjoy playing with water, especially in groups. Therefore, our bouncers enable your children to bounce, jump and use other features of the water slide to facilitate their fun adventure. On a hot sunny day, nothing is more exciting than climbing a water slide.

Water Slide Rentals Sugar Land, TX

Are you planning to organize a party this summer? And you are wondering how you would keep your guest's interest? or how to prevent boredom? Worry no more! You are fully covered. All you need to do is rent a water slide from us, and be assured that your guests will enjoy every moment at your party. Spending a few hours of fun in a safe and clean inflatable water slide on a sunny day could be a blessing to your guests. We have various categories of water slides for different events, and the height of each slide starts from 13ft to 22ft. With us, you will get the best services, and the safety of your guests is guaranteed as maximum security is in place for everyone to feel safe. We also offer dry slides if your party is in winter, which offers optimum entertainment to your guests. Moreover, the success of your party is our top priority even in harsh weather conditions. Lastly, our team of experts will set up the slides in an appealing way so that your guests (especially children) will be attracted to it.

Obstacle Course Rentals Sugar Land, TX

Accompanied by the joy that follows a party, many kids love to compete. If you want to be innovative in your next event, you should consider obstacle course. We will help you entertain and add moments of joy to your guests. With an obstacle course, your guests will be engaged throughout the event. It is very suitable for different events be it church festival, corporate gathering, birthdays, school fairs and more. We offer a wide range of services be it a 17ft rock and climb or a 70ft obstacle challenge to entertain your guests. This is achieved through crawling, digging, bouncing, and sliding which provides lots of fun.

Concession Rentals Sugar Land, TX

By adding some of our rentals to your next event, you will be surprised how your guests will be engrossed. We provide fun-filled services for different events ranging from carnival games, interactive sports games to yard games. With these, we make your guests spend fun-filled quality time at your party. There are different options available for our customers. Our concession category includes hot dog makers, popcorn machines, frozen drink machines, snokone machines, and cotton candy machines. Besides, who can resist the temptation of a frozen drink machine or a funnel cake maker?

Dunk Tank Rentals Sienna Plantation, TX

With a dunk tank at your event, your guests will experience unlimited fun. Our team of professionals will help you kick-start your next event. It is also worthy of note that a dunk tank initiates a healthy competition among guests, apart from the unlimited fun it offers. It can also be used to raise funds for charity, and everybody including the dunker, spectators and the dunkee will be moved when they see the dunkee dive. Therefore, if you are looking to raise some funds on your upcoming occasion, then consider renting our exemplary dunking booths. Everyone will use this opportunity to see your partner, seniors, friends or even teachers getting dunked into the water. In addition, a dunking booth easily attracts people of all age groups because they are a safe and clean source of joy. In fact, people that don't like parties will be willing to participate. What are you waiting for? Order your dunk tanks now!

Table and Chair Rentals Sugar Land, TX

An event is not complete if delicious food and refreshing beverages are absent. Regardless if the event is a wedding, corporate gathering, staging a concert or a birthday party, food is very important and you can't go without it. Therefore, you will need chairs and tables, which can be arranged under your tent and any other location of your choice. We have different shapes and sizes depending on what is suitable for you, and we ensure that the tables and chairs match the aesthetics of your party.

Tables and chairs are hassle-free and very affordable. The chairs are very comfortable and durable which lets your guests sit and relax while enjoying your party. There are different categories available which include round and rectangular tables. Therefore, you can choose the one that is most suitable for your available space. Lastly, our chairs and tables are very safe, clean and reliable.

Why Choose Party Rentals of Houston in Sugar Land, TX for Your Event Rental Needs?

As a full-fledged event in Sugar Land, Texas, we offer inflatables and other equipment for all types of events. Our services are top-notch, and we are highly professional in flawlessly executing your events.

Clean Inflatables

A grimy inflatable predisposes your guests to injury, in addition to its ugly look. Here at party rentals of Houston, we ensure that these inflatables are checked to prevent injury. Also, they are thoroughly cleaned after each usage, which makes them good looking, therefore making your event brighter. In addition to washing, they are also thoroughly sanitized between successive events.

Superior Customer Service

Our customer service is super responsive and we ensure that clients don't face any problem during their events. Also, our customer service is very quick and reliable. We help clients make their events consistent and smooth.
There are times when you can't plan an event all by yourself and you will need a professional to guide you. Our team of friendly professionals will help you plan and manage your event. With less event planning stress, you will make better choices about the event. We will help help you select the most appropriate equipment your guests will love and keep them buzzing for years. Here, we focus more on quality rather than quantity, and satisfaction is our major priority.

Wide Selection for Party Rentals

Our wide range of rental equipment and inflatables are best suited for all types of events. Therefore, if you want the best, check out our diverse options which are designed for different events. Sometimes children to be picky, which is understandable. This is why we offer over 30 themes your kids can choose from and hopefully one will satisfy their demands. Regardless if your event is a large gathering or a rooftop party, you are fully covered, as our collections will fulfill your demands.


We have a website through which our clients can easily and effectively access us using their computers. There is an online booking feature on the website, all you have to do is visit the site and check if the rental is available for your event date. If it's available, then you can easily book through a few simple clicks. This is more convenient as clients do not necessarily need to come to us. Therefore, with our online booking system, you can make reservations for your events in the comfort of your home using a computer.

Privately Owned and Administered

As a private company established in 2017, we have been operating actively without the interference of a middle man or a third party. We are creative, trustworthy and very helpful than other event rentals around. Therefore, order our service today, and you will not be disappointed.

Exclusive Deals for Special Customers

We appreciate our esteemed clients who constantly patronize our service, and we also welcome new customers to benefit from our rental discounts. It might interest you to know that the satisfaction of customers is our top priority. We also have a way of rewarding clients that support Sugar Land military staff.

One-Stop Event Shop

With us, there is no need to face the hassle of moving around! We are your one-stop event rentals and we can handle every necessary arrangement for your next event. We deliver all your party needs, be it bouncers, food processing machines, water slides, tables, and chairs. With these, We ease your stress of hiring from several companies for different tasks. Just reserve your orders with us and we will handle the rest effectively and in a professional way. Therefore, if you are planning for a birthday party, wedding anniversary, church event or school fair, just contact us and watch us impress your guests. Our facilities are top-notch which creates a great impact on your guests.

We Deliver Fun to You

We deliver services of high quality in different locations near Houston which include Missouri City, Sugar Land, Fresno, Riverstone, Arcola, lowa Colony, Rosharon, and surrounding areas. If you have questions about delivery, send us a message.

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